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Okay, so recently, I discovered that quite a few people have resorted to using the pen tool to fill in their lineart neatly, which takes EXCRUCIATINGLY long . Some people use a masking tool, others just hastily fill in the lineart with the brush tool, which usually ends up with colors poking out the side of the piece that you have to go back and erase.

Well I’m going to show you a quicker, easier way to do it, using the wand tool [or selection tool in sai). Some people have problems using the wand tool, as it leaves a blank space between the lineart and the actual fill space, but this tutorial tells you how to avoid this!

First, let’s start out with our lineart.

Now, you’ll need to select this tool, the wand tool

Now, this is important. you need to select OUTSIDE the lines, not inside. You also have to be on the same layer as your lineart. Make sure your lines are closed so that you don’t end up selecting inside the lines! (If you have intentional gaps in your lineart, I will tell you how to use this same method later in the tutorial)

NOW INVERSE!! (select -> inverse) 

Your selection is now inside the lineart! BUT WAIT!! Do not fill behind the lineart just yet, or this will happen!

You will get white around the outside of the line! We certainly don’t want this! before you fill it in with the bucket or fill tool, you have to go to Select -> Modify -> Contract

you will get this, and you will will have to change the number depending on how thick your lineart is and what dpi you’re working in. Normally I just do 3 or 4 since i work in 300 dpi.

So now your selection will go from this:

To this!

NOW you can fill/use the bucket tool underneath your lineart.

Now you may have to do a little erasing in the corners, since the selection tool normally can’t get into little crevices.

Also, if you select INSIDE your lineart to fill in certain areas, such as the eyes, all you have to do is go to “select -> modify -> expand” instead of “contract”. 


normally, if you do the selection tool, it will do this, right? 

It selects inside the lines as well. Here’s how you fix that. go underneath your lineart and make lines as if you’re connecting the lines together. 

Now go back to your wand tool. At the top, you will see a box that will say “Sample all layers”. You need to check this box. 

Now select outside your lineart and…

Viola! Now just go to the layer that you used to close the gaps, repeat all steps above, and fill it in. (if you’re using the bucket tool, you’ll have to click twice to fill it in completely)

ta da! Now just do your cleanup, and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to lock your layers, as well as use clipping masks so you don’t paint outside your lines!

I hope this has helped c:

I haven’t been posting much this summer and I’d like to explain..

I’ve been very sick + I got a job. I got a new monitor tablet recently and started doing a whole load of new art on it… but unfortunately, I have become very ill. Needless to say I’m very disappointed that I haven’t been able to produce any QUALITY art recently. I kinda feel like a horrible artist because I’ve only produced really crappy art for you guys as of late. I want to change that but something tells me it isn’t going to happen until I’m no longer ill.



I am so sorry for the late of art, everyone! I feel ultra bad! :’) This will be our last week in Cleveland and next Monday or so (August 4th), we will be heading to our new apartment in Columbus!

How many of you cool cats live in Columbus who wants to hang out with my twin sister, Noemi (Koisnake), and me? Want to meet our corgi? Draw?

Hopefully I will get art in this week! Thank you all so much for your support and we prepare for this new character in our lives!

AHHH!! No freaking way!! Come hang out at the columbus college of art and design!! Everyone will love you therreee

I decided to draw some Markiplier bloops. 


Mark = one of the hugest inspirations for me, but not just because he makes me laugh or because he’s just all around awesome… It’s because he helps so many people. He had a goal and he achieved it, he kept on going even when times were tough. 


Hopefully, one day, with the help of marks inspiration, I’ll be able to achieve my own goals. Thank you, Mark, for striking hope into the hearts of many people from around the world!


P.S. Mark, if you by chance wish to use this for any purposes [or wish to have each of these separately] please contact me first. 

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